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Experience the Power of Every Door Direct Mail™

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  • EDDM Specs
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Have you seen the power of Every Door Direct Mail™?

Whether you've realized it or not, you have! Your USPS carrier has likely delivered thousands of pieces of mail to you that have been designed to target customers based on location or buying preferences.

eddm .pngEvery Door Direct Mail™ is offered by the USPS, and it eliminates the need for expensive targeted mailing lists. With EDDM, you choose a complete carrier route from a given location, and every address within that route will receive your mailer.

Despite the USPS simplifying this process, there are still numerous requirements and limitations placed on any business that chooses to use EDDM on their own.

Examples of these limitations:

  • Minimum size and maximum weight of the mail piece
  • Maximum allowable numbers mailed
  • Extensive paperwork
  • Drop off all mail pieces at the corresponding USPS station

When you partner with Advanced Print Management and Innovative Mailing Services, not only can we do the figurative and literal heavy lifting for you, but many of the prior USPS limitations of the EDDM process are removed!

For example, by working with us on your EDDM project:

  • All mail sizes are allowable. Smaller sizes means a smaller printing bill!
  • APM can design and print your mail piece to your specifications.
  • Mail as few as 200 pieces, and at most: the sky’s the limit!
  • We can take care of preparation, paperwork, and delivery of your mailing project to the USPS.

eddm .pngIf you haven’t tried a mass mailing for your business, Every Door Direct Mail™ just might work for you. Let Advanced Print Management and Innovative Mailing Services remove the headaches from EDDM and allow you to concentrate on running your business!

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What Do I Do Next?
EDDM Mail Specifications
Two Ways To Design

  • 1. EDDM – Mailer must be taller than 6-1/8 inches. Typical Design is 8-1/2”x11” but could be smaller or larger. Up to 12”x14”
  • 2.SATURATION – Mailer can be any size from 3-1/2”x5” up to 12”x14” Letter-sized postage is cheaper than flat-sized postage. A letter can be up to 6-1/8”x11-1/2”. Our Graphics Department will work with you on getting the mailer designed just the way you want it.

Two Ways To Mail

  • 1. EDDM – We will design, print, and prepare the mailers for you to take to the post office station that handles your zipcode. When you pick the mailers up, they will be prepared in postal trays and will have all the paperwork necessary to submit at your local USPS Station. EDDM POSTAGE – You Mail. Postage = $149.00 / 1000 (0.149 each)
  • 2. SATURATION – We will design, print, and mail either flat-sized or letter-sized pieces. You have your choice of different sized mailers. We take care of going to the post office. SATURATION POSTAGE – We Mail. Letter Size Postage = $146.00 / 1000 (0.146 each) Flat Size Postage = $158.00 / 100 (0.158 each)

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