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Advanced Print Management is the one Marketing Service Provider that can give you a high quality, highly relevant, tailored marketing campaign that grabs your customer’s attention. After all, when you buy printing you aren’t just paying for ink on paper you are paying to have the right message delivered to the right person on time.

Targeted Demographic marketing:

marketing .png 1Advanced print management offers a marketing strategy that delivers highly personalized messages utilizing your customer data. Targeting the right audience is key for a successful campaign and we have the tools to identify prospects that closely resemble your current customers. By analyzing your existing customer base we can find common demographic and geographic attributes and provide you with a prospect model that shows exactly what your current customers look like, from there we can generate a list of prospects who look much like your current customers but who have not yet made a purchase from you.

Relationship Marketing/Customer Retention:

marketing .png 2Successful Customer Retention starts with your first contact and continues throughout the entire lifetime of your relationship with your clients. Your ability to retain customers is about more than giving your customer what they expect, it’s about exceeding their expectations so that they become loyal advocates for you. Advanced Print Management can show you the value of using your current database to offer existing customers programs that entitle them to:

  • Special offers, discounts or preferential treatment
  • After sales satisfaction surveys, inquires and after sales support
  • Personal Acknowledgement, Thank Yous and Reminders

Co-Op Advertising or Cost Sharing:

marketing .png 3Business to Business Cooperative Advertising changes the rules of the game! Cost Sharing partnerships are a great way to reduce advertising costs while maximizing exposure. Enlisting a business ally or even several can establish a stronger presence in the community than might otherwise be possible. From car sales, auto parts and repair shops to clothing boutiques and spas, the possibilities are endless. Advanced Print Management can help you find a partner that will reflect positively on your product or service.

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