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We offer our clients the most relevant postal information and state of the art equipment. The Bottom line is, we know mail, inside and out. We also know our equipment there will never be a time that your job will sit on the sidelines because a machine is down. We own and service all of our equipment and with multiple resources your schedule and expectations are never in jeopardy.

We provide a full complement of printing and direct mail services to local and national clients. IMS has always been on the leading edge and as the industry changes to meet new delivery challenges we change to stay ahead. Our full suite of digital printing equipment gives us the ability to creatively produce your files in either full color or black and white. Everything from postcards, newsletters and brochures to variable data appeals campaigns we have seen it all and have the equipment to deliver your project beyond your expectations.

On a daily basis our 4 inkjet stations as well as our 2 inserting departments are moving at full speed outputting everything from the most technical utility billings and statements to flat size magazines and booklets. We outperform our competition with the capability to tab with 1”, booklet, square, foil and scratch off. We can even create custom tabs to compliment your campaign.

We are experts in fulfillment from Healthcare packets for open enrollment to custom boxed baseball hats and license plate frames, your project is in expert hands. We benchmark industry trends and archive best practices so you can eliminate the guesswork. By collaborating and co-creating we help you make great ideas happen.

Available for all sub-straights and campaigns: Raffle tickets, multi-part forms, Parking passes, Door hangers, Appeals and statements with tear off return.
Capabilities for machine inserting up to 6 individual pieces per pass, letters, rack cards, remit envelopes, brochures and more
Healthcare renewal packets, inserting into pocket folders and flat size envelopes
We are experienced in packaging everything from baseball hats to license plate frames and video games to product samples. We can produce custom boxes, shrink wrap, case wrap and label for warehouse or retail delivery.
Letter fold, Z-fold, Right angle fold from single pieces to multiple sheets and varying sheet sizes
Inkjet address letters, flats, postcards and brochures. Inkjet on Aqueous and UV coating
One inch clear, colored, foil and scratch off tabs, 1.5” Booklet tabs, colored, foil and scratch off tabs. Custom size, color and personalized logo and message tabs are also available.
Black and white or full color variable data postcards, letters, brochures, appeals, statements and flats. Add impact with personalized mailings everyone likes to hear their name!
We are the ONLY HIPAA certified printing and mailing facility in Southern Arizona. We process Utility bills, Medical billing and Pharmacy statements in our secure facility. If you are required to be HIPAA compliant we need to talk!
We can process your Every Door Direct Mail piece save you a lot of time, travel, frustration and money!
Your direct mail campaign is only great if it gets in the hands of your intended recipient. We have been sourcing the most comprehensive, up to date mailing lists available for more than 29 years.
USPS CMM mail is a custom made mail piece that is odd in shape and or size developed to grab your recipient’s attention. We are the ONLY mailing service in Southern Arizona to submit this type of mail. We have mailed pieces shaped to look like everything from bowling balls to handbags. Sound interesting? Find out more email or call us today!
Do you sell Tennis Shoes and have a business acquaintance that owns a gym? Or maybe you sell auto parts and your friend has a machine shop! Put the two together and you have a Co-op direct mail campaign. These types of campaigns can include 2, 10 or 50 businesses, we can help you lay out the mail piece and target your audience, best part? You all receive the benefit and split the cost for lower out of pocket and higher ROI. Need to find a complimenting business to join forces? We can help with that!
We have the ability to put your product or service in front of buyers on a wide range of platforms. Cross media marketing involves coordinating your campaign across several mediums at the same time, television, radio, social media and direct mail timed and coordinated to deliver your message effectively.

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